Resurrecting a

Forgotten Legend

There were over 1200 young men and women who flew the Hawker Typhoon during WWII, 56% of them made the ultimate sacrifice. There is no memorial to these brave young men and women, the thousands of ground crew and support staff who kept the machines operating, nor to those who designed, built, tested and delivered the aircraft. We strongly feel that they deserve one. This memorial will not be carved from stone, or cast in bronze, viewed only by those who make the special journey to see it. This memorial will work, live and breath. It will fly, and it will be seen by many.

The Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group is a charitable organisation, run entirely by volunteers, and exists to raise the funds required to rebuild Hawker Typhoon MkIb, RB396, as the lasting legacy those brave men and women deserve. The rebuild of RB396 to airworthy condition cannot be achieved alone. We need financial support; £5million is needed to cover the cost of the rebuild. We need your help. Join those who have already contributed in excess of £920,000 since the formation of the charity in 2016, and who have enabled the rebuild to commence, with the first section nearing completion. With your help, the rebuild can continue, progress, and be completed.

December progress update

December 2020 was just as busy for Airframe Assemblies as any other recent month and the progress on RB396’s rear fuselage showed no signs of slowing down. Indeed, there has been a five-fold increase in the monthly spend, and therefore progress, as a result of the refocus and restructuring events of the last year.

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Typhoon Initiative for Family (TIFFy)

Do you have a veteran of the Typhoon story in your family, do you, or did you, know someone? Perhaps they helped to design, build, test or deliver the aircraft? Maybe they were a ground crew member, maintaining them in the field, or a pilot flying them in combat?

If so, we want to hear from you…

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Help us

You can help make this memorial a reality.

The Supporters’ Club is the bedrock of the project, allowing it to achieve incredible things already. By joining on either a Platinum, Life or Annual subscription you will be directing contributing to the rebuild effort of Hawker Typhoon RB396.

The Platinum Club was established on the 75th anniversary of RB396’s final flight – 1st April 2020. The Club exists to enable the acceleration of the rebuild, with contributions on a larger scale. As a member, contributing on this level, you can have the exclusive reward of your name, or that of a veteran/family member, etched onto the aircraft to be a part of the memorial forevermore. In addition, you will receive a guaranteed and complimentary invite to the official first flight event, an invite to the yearly Platinum Club dinner to socialise and share motivations with fellow supporters and a host of other exclusive benefits.

Platinum Club   Lifetime   Annual

Separate to the Supporters’ Club options, if you would like to make any donation, no matter how large or small, please choose from the following options.